Flagship Beers

  • This craft lager harmonizes noble hops and premium malts found in North America and Europe. We did the traveling to save you the paddling.

    Brewed with pristine Lake Superior water, this straw colored pilsener takes on characteristics of Bohemia, Northern Germany with a touch of American inventiveness. Refreshingly crisp with a gentle floral hop aroma.

    ABV: 5.0%
    IBU: 38
    Malts: Pilsener, 2-Row, Carafoam
    Hops: Sterling, Saaz, German Tradition
    Availability: Year-Round
    Packaging:Draft + 12oz Cans
  • 14 DEG ESB
    14 DEG ESB

    Our well rounded approach to the classic British Ale. There’s middle of the road, and there’s middle of the river. And if there’s one thing that’s important in the middle of the river – it’s balance.

    Our ESB is incredibly well balanced with a slight toasted malt flavor, traditional British hop accents with just a hint of pine and citrus from the unexpected Amarillo / Ahtanum dry-hop.

    AWARDS: 2014 BRONZE, Great American Beer Festival

    ABV: 5.6%
    IBU: 32
    Malts: Pale, Golden Promise, Aromatic, Crystal 10, Crystal 55, Crystal 155
    Hops: CTZ, East Kent Goldings, Glacier, Amarillo, Ahtanum
    Availability: Year-Round
    Packaging:Draft + 12oz Cans
  • Bent Hop
    Bent Hop

    An unexpected visual bend to an American India Pale Ale, this style is one that stands out in a crowd, or if you’re more like us – enjoyed at a campsite…with no crowd. This non-traditional IPA is golden in color with an enormous floral/citrus hop aroma and a supporting malt profile.

    ABV: 6.2%
    IBU: 68
    Malts: 2-Row, Pilsner, Crystal
    Hops: El Dorado, Centennial, Glacier, Sovereign, CTZ
    Availability: Year-Round
    Packaging:Draft + 12oz Cans
  • Brewed to be smooth, chocolatey, semi-roasted ale that bridges the islands of porter and stout. And if you aren’t a fan of bridges, there’s always the canoe. This Black Ale drinks like a porter but is opaque like a stout. Brewed with a generous amount of oats to round out the flavor.

    ABV: 6.0%
    IBU: 34
    Malts: 2-Row, Golden Promise, De-husked black, Crystal-155, Crystal-20
    Hops: Willamette, CTZ
    Availability: Year-Round
    Packaging:Draft + 12oz Cans

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